The International Symposium on Noucentisme 2014 will be held between Barcelona and Sitges from 28 to 30 November 2014. The act will coincide with the Centenary of the “Mancomunitat” or Federation of Communities and the reopening of the Museums of Sitges. The act will assume the format of day of study with the participation of national and international experts on cultural thought and history, aesthetic ideas, cultural policies, regional analysis, and social and political history of the first third of the twentieth century in Catalonia and Europe.

The format allows the assistance of interested public. Registrations



  1. The need to place the discourse on Noucentisme on the 21th century and make it visible in the context of the cultural history of Catalonia and Europe.
  2. The need of a provide an overview of Noucentisme beyond individual creators and prominent figures that are already known
  3. The need to perform its assesment approach it as a comprehensive movement with references to culture, society, ideologies and political programs
  4. The need to set up the chronological, aesthetic and relational correlation of Noucentisme in the international framework of the first third of the 20th century.

Goals to be achieved:

  1. The renovation of the explanatory and interpretive discourse on Noucentisme, so it is capable to overcome all the shortcomings and inertia existing today.
  2. Setting integrating parameters in the discourse and achievements of Noucentisme in the cultural history of the 20th century Catalonia.
  3. The creation and enhancement of a educational discourse and its proposal for divulgation in various fields, platforms and media.
  4. The study of the possibility of an exhibition on Noucentisme and its assets summarizing the new interpretive and explanatory discourse to be constructed.
  5. Enhance the value of assets and the collective imaginary of Noucentisme (from buildings and monuments to literary, crafts and scenic routes) throughout the country’s territory.
  6. The possibility of organizing a collaborative network including organizations and institutions involved in the divulgation of Noucentisme inside and outside the country.
  7. The possibility of holding an international symposium periodically to accommodate and disseminate studies carried out both from an academic and institutional scope.


  1. The “Noucentisme”: nominalism and ideology.
  2. European Cultural Thought (prewar, in between world wars, breakdowns/vanguards.Influences/European counterparts: clarifications (Ecole Romane, Novecento, Novecentismo, Germanic countries; …)
  3. Cultural institunalization of Catalonia.
  4. Visions from the territory. From Catalonia-City to Secondary cities.
  5. Ideas and aesthetic trends; their realization in artistic language; attitudes and coexistence (arts, literature, music).
  6. Survival and limits: Vanguards, the International Exhibition of 1929, the Autonomous and Republican Catalonia, flotsam after the shipwreck.